Yukata Dressing Lesson at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Hotel

I taught a special client at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Hotel
how to dress herself in Yukata.
Teaching is always fun and I hope she will be able to enjoy wearing
or teaching as well as dressing her friends in a Yukata.
I have to say that her Yukata was beautiful and also it was a top of the line Yukata.

musuhi /Tsumami Kanzasi*

I made and designed this little gift for my customer.
She chose the purple one.
Naomi Sasaki art

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel also had on display the Pine tree artwork titled
“World Peace” by artist Naoki Sasaki which was featured as a center piece at
the 2016 G7 summit held in Ise-Shima.
I love their presentation and the fact that
the Hotel’s “Lobby” was on the 38th floor which is the top floor.
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo