Cherry Blossoms Video & Photo shoot in a Kimono

Cherry Blossoms are one of the most popular attractions in Japan.
Cherry blossoms 2017 Video and Photo Shoot at Hamarikyu Park.
We have a two-week window to capture that Cherry blossoms memory in style.
Our company musuhi will come to you and dress you at your hotel at your own leisure.

Hanami sakura musuhi 2017

Delivery Kimono Rental and Video shoot fee

*Delivery Kimono Rental : 20,000 Yen (per person)     +      *Videography: 19,000 Yen (1-5 people)
     (Kimono rental, Obi belt, Geta and Zori sandal )                      (Photo is complimentary (free))

Just for the Cherry Blossom season we will reduce the total price of the Kimono rental and videography by 30% off !!

Our Photo Shoot flow for the day.
*Kimono, Obi belt, Geta sandals are included in our package

1)  Dress you at your hotel in a beautiful Kimono.
(Our company musuhi will come to you and dress you at your hotel at your own leisure.)

2)  Walk around Hamarikyu Garden for the video shoot (1 hour)

3)  Stop by the Hamarikyu Tea room and Pavilion for some Japanese tea and refreshments.

4)  After the shoot, our photographer will leave, so please continue your fun day in a kimono.

5)  You can enjoy wearing your kimono all day and also you can go back to the hotel any time and take off the kimono if you want.

6)  When you take off your kimono, please bring it to the front desk. We will pick it up the next day.

* We will send you the video and photo in one month after editing the data.

– Preserve the day on video and in pictures
A fully 5 minutes edited Video will be the finished product as well as Photos from the shoot.

The musuhi Sakura Video and Photo Shoot will run from the week between April 1st till the end of the Sakura season.


Outdoor shoots are basically at the mercy of the weather. We have to be prepared for the weather to give you the best quality possible.

It is also possible for us to change our shooting location by the client’s request.

We do not under any circumstance allow our clients to shake the Cherry trees so the petals could fall down during the shoot. We have the right to scrap the shoot if the client does not follow this one rule. Full payment will still incur.