Look Awesome in a Kimono VideoShoot

Why not capture the day in Kimono while enjoying Tokyo. Be a star for a day and capture your Kimono experience on Video as well as in pictures. Keep up with the times and share your video with your family and friends on your favorite social media site.

"A Garden Walk" - Kimono Experience

Kimono Rental and Video shoot fee

35,000Yen (per person)  ・4 hours total

60,000Yen (Two people)  ・4 hours total

What we will do

We’ll meet at your Hotel and dress you up in a traditional kimono or yukata.
We’ll start shooting as you’re getting ready.
Once you’re dressed up, we’ll take you to photogenic spots and locations that really define Japan.
We also have the options to shoot around some peaceful temple and Shrines.
We’ll capture video of you in your kimono with the incredible backdrop of Tokyo behind you.
We’ll then edit this down to 3-5 minutes of video for you to have as a souvenir.

What we will provide

*Kimono (Yukata in the summer)Rental & Dressing
    Kimono rental is part of this experience along with our resident Kimono stylist and dresser.
*Videographer & Edited video
 Professionally edited video of the experience.
    Within 20 business days, you will receive Video of the experience is about 3-5 minutes .


We are the first and only ones providing this one-of-a-kind experience in Japan. This is NOT a Photoshoot.
Outdoor shoots are basically at the mercy of the weather.
We have to be prepared for the weather to give you the best quality possible.
It is also possible for us to change our shooting location by the client’s request.
About Rainy days In case of rain, if possible for all parties involved we will try to reschedule the shoot.
If it is not possible, we will REFUND THE TOTAL AMOUNT to all our guests for that day.
Please do your hair and makeup before arrival.

From musuhi

We are thankful for all those who have chosen to participate in this Kimono video experience.
Please feel free to use your video and pictures on your favorite SNS Platform.
If you are more than 2 people please let us know and we can customize it for you.
This wonderful experience is a fun, one of a kind Video Experience.

Cancellation policy

Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 3 days of booking.
In case of  bad weather we will refund the full amount.
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