Japanese style Photo Wedding・
Honeymoon photo in Kimono

Our passion at musuhi is capturing special moments in Japanese Kimonos so they will never be forgotten. Sometimes the simplest of moments are the ones that are most memorable and leave us breathless. Life is built on those tiny little details that make us smile and fill us with an absolute joy. Let us capture the two of you in an authentic wedding kimono. We would feel so honored to be a part of your story.

Wedding Photo shoot fee
¥150,000 + tax ・5 to 6 hours total

What we’ll do (The flow of the day)

*We will do your make up and hair set at our studio space

then we will dress the both of you and drive to the location.

We will do an indoor and outdoor shoot at a beautiful garden.

The indoor option of the garden sometimes depends on the

location chosen for the day.


The following are included as part of the photo session

6 hours Photo shoot

30 edited photos

2 locations

Bride…...Wedding Kimono G0wn (Shiro-muku or Iro-uchikake), Zori (Shoes),

Dressing , Hair set, Make-up

Groom….Formal Kimono – Montski Haori Hakama, Setta (Shoes), Dressing


Hair Set & Makeup

Groom & Bridal accessories

Bouquet (Optional)

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