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two great traditional Japanese hairstylists

musuhi partnership

Yayoi  Wada

Yayoi always had a strong love and passion for the art of Hairstyling and makeup. After graduating from Kokusaibunka Technical College of Hair Design, she started her career working as a hairstylist at a Yokohama Beauty parlor.


She wanted to do both hair and makeup and soon joined an agency and worked as a hairstylist and makeup artist for TV Dramas, Movies, Theatre and Japanese Variety TV shows.


While working in the entertainment industry she soon discovered the world of Nihongami, a traditional Japanese hairstyle and decided to pursue her studies in the art of traditional Japanese hair.


Yayoi studied under Mr. Keiichi Hanada as an apprentice where she has perfected her remarkable vision and creativity when styling traditional Japanese hair, her learning experience reflects the great work she does.


Yayoi also draws inspiration from past eras such as the Edo period. She works also as a freelance hairstylist and at the same time learning and doing Kamiyuishi (Nihongami Hair Dresser)


musuhi partnership

Akemi Suto

Akemi’s passion for makeup artistry started when she was very young and knew that she would become a makeup and hairstylist.


After receiving her license to work as a beautician, she began her career at a beauty salon where she acquired more skills and then became a freelance hairstylist and makeup artist.


Akemi specializes in Bridal hair, makeup and formal events. She is always hands on and on site with the bride making her feel and look beautiful on the happiest day of her life. Akemi has all of the tools and skills to bring out your best features for your special occasion, photo shoot, or wedding.


Akemi also designs bridal hair accessories to match bridal hairstyles; currently in addition to hair and makeup she is doing facial massages, head spa massages.


Her passion for this industry has led her to become an educator and is now also training Kimono dressers on how to style hair for the Japanese Kimono.