Casual Kimono Plan


Wear a casual kimono while in Tokyo. Our professional kimono stylist will come to your hotel or accommodation. You will be able to get dressed in your private setting and at your convenience. There’s no need to waste precious time while vacationing to look for a venue to get dressed in a casual kimono. Our kimono delivery plan ensures you that you spend more of your quality tim enjoying yourself.

Casual Kimono Rental & Dressing Service


  ¥20,000  Per person

Included / Kimono & Obi,

*****Jyuban (Under garment),

     Tabi socks,

*****Hakama (Men)

*****Zori (shoes) & Bag,

     Delivery & Dressing fee,

*****Traveling fee,

***** Over night fee.

Cancellation policy
Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 3 days of booking.
In case of  bad weather we will refund the full amount.



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Casual Kimono Catalog

Komon / Women

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No, 01K01

No, 01K02

No, 01K03

No, 01K04

No, 01K05

No, 01K06

No, 01K07

No, 01K08

No, 01K09

No, 01K10

No, 01K11

No, 01K12

No, 01K13

No, 01K14

No, 01K15

Kinagashi / Men

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02H01 musuhi men's kimono

No, 02K01

02H02 musuhi men's kimono

No, 02K02

02H03 musuhi men's kimono

No, 02K03

02H04 musuhi men's kimono

No, 02K04

No, 02K05