Kids say the cutest things

A few days ago, I dressed two kids and their mothers in kimonos.

While I was dressing their mothers, 

the kids were really focusing on me and whispering to each other,

and the boy said to me ” You are a genius!” 

I asked him “Why am I a genius?”. 

The girl answered to me “Because, you can remember all the step for dressing people in a kimono!”.

It was such a cute answer. 

Maybe kimono dressing looks very difficult to them. 

They told me that they want to dress themselves in kimono when they grow up.

This is exactly what I want to achieve in the future. 

I hope many young international admirers of 

Japanese culture will be able to dress themselves in kimonos in the future!

musuhi kimono stylist Hiroko Hatano-Henry Tokyo

I wore a polyester kimono today.

I don’t usually wear polyester kimonos so much,

but this is very convenient when we have no idea if it might rain or not. 

I don’t have to worry about stains from the rain because I can always wash it at home.