musuhi Kimono Rental & Kimono Dressing Service
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Welcome to musuhi

Wear a Kimono while in Tokyo


As part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19,
the temporary closure of Musuhi has been extended until further notice.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




[6/21お知らせ] 本日より通常営業いたしますが、まん延防止重点措置の為


再開の見込みが立ち次第、こちらのページでご報告いたします。 何卒よろしくお願いいたします。

musuhi by Kimono Stylist Hiroko Hatano-Henry is a Kimono dressing service based in Tokyo.

We dress our clients at their homes, Hotels or at events venues. We come to you.

Our aim is to provide a taste of Japanese culture to visitors from abroad while they are in Japan.

We will be able to assist you:

If you are in Japan attending a wedding ceremony or Just need a Kimono dresser for a night out in
town or in need for a Kimono, we have someone that will take you shopping for a Kimono while you are in Japan.

You can enjoy a 1 day Kimono dressing workshop by yourself or with your friends and family. 

Learn how to wear a Kimono by yourself and take pictures at our beautiful traditional Japanese venue. 

Please contact us and learn the true meaning “Omotenashi”

At Musuhi our motto is: 

Be Adventurous, Be Bold in a Kimono

Kimono rental & Shooting Service

Look Awesome in a Kimono VideoShoot

Location Kimono Photo shoot in Tokyo
(Rental Kimono including)

We Dress You At Your Hotel

¥ 30,000 per person・3 ~ 4 hours total


Clients Come To Our Studio To Get Dressed

 ¥ 25,000 per person・3 hours total

No More Selfies!
Have you dreamed of wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono or Yukata as seen in a magazine? Our Kimono Stylist and Photographer will be delighted to make your dream come true. You only need to bring your widest smile and let our photographer capture you from the best angle.

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House Of musuhi

Kimono Photo shoot
in Studio

(Rental Kimono including)


¥ 20,000 per person・1.5 hours total
¥30,000 Two people・1.5 hours total

Let take some creative photos that you will be proud to share with family and friends or put on your favorite SNS platform.
Our charming Studio as been left as is to hold that nostalgic feeling. The studio is called “House Of musuhi”.
Our studio is a Nagaya house that has been converted to a studio.
The “House Of musuhi” in Hikifune (Station code is KS-46),
It is a hop and a skip away from Oshiage and Asakusa.

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House Of musuhi

Kimono Rental & Dressing service

¥ 10,000 Adult, per person
¥ 7,000  Kids, per person

Enjoy the experience of wearing a Kimono while in Japan. We will come to you hotel and dress you in a silk Kimono. There’s no need for you to leave the comfort of your room.

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House Of musuhi

Yukata Rental & Dressing Service

¥  6,000  Adult, per person
¥    3,000  Kids, per person

The Firework season is upon us once again. Experience the fireworks once again in style. We will visit you at your hotel, place where you are staying. Our dresser will dress you in a Yukata, you can go and enjoy the fireworks or just enjoy the day and night out in a Yukata. Our staff will pick up the Yukata the next day from your hotel.

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House Of musuhi

Photo Wedding・
Pre-Wedding or Post-Wedding Photo in Kimono


Studio     ¥130,000~
Location ¥150,000~


Enrich the collection of your lifetime wedding album by capturing the moment in a Japanese Kimono. Both of you will be dressed in a traditional Japanese Kimono or a wedding Kimono. Our experienced staff will provide make up, Kimono hairdo for an outdoor shoot at a beautiful Japanese Garden, Temple, Shrine or at an old classic Japanese house.

Either Pre-wedding or Post-wedding we can make your dream of being photographed in a Japanese Wedding Kimono come true.

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Kimono Dressing

At your hotel

Formal Kimono  ¥ 10,000~
Furisode  ¥ 15,000
Bride Kimono ¥ 35,000~
Casual Kimono ¥ 8,000~

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Other Services

Houmongi, Hakama,
Shichi Go San,
Wedding Kimono,
Casual Kimono,
I will visit your hotel,
home, event venue,
wedding hall to dress you.

Styling for
an Evening out in Town,
Parties, Stage Events,
Photo shoot or for
a commercial spot.
After our initial meeting
I will propose
some ideas to you.


Documented number of people dressed


Hiroko Hatano-Henry


Dressed by Hiroko


Kimono Dressing0%
Kimono Styling0%
Personal Kimono Shopping0%
Special Kimono Experience0%
Kimono Lesson In English0%


2-45-11 Yahiro Sumida-ku Tokyo JAPAN